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  • PVC banners: the perfect tools for seasonal promotions

    valentines day PVC banner

    The nights are getting colder, and it’s clear that winter is only just around the corner. But while many of us will still be mourning the loss of summer, the savvier business owners amongst you will be turning your attention to your seasonal marketing campaigns – and, more specifically, the merchandise you’re going to be using to spread the word about your upcoming promotions! 

    At this time of year, we get tonnes of enquiries from customers who want to use PVC banners to advertise seasonal events and special offers. Durable, versatile and available in a wide range of sizes, these popular banners are a fantastic option for any company or venue that wants to reach the widest possible audience in locations with high footfall. They’re surprisingly affordable, too. 

    If you’re wondering how you could use PVC banners to your advantage this autumn and winter, read on for some well-timed ideas and inspiration.


    Fireworks PVC Banner printing

    Draw visitors to your next firework display

    “Remember, remember, the 5th of November,” goes the chant. Well, your potential visitors certainly will once you’ve invested in large, eye-catching PVC banners that are emblazoned with the details of your event! 

    They’re designed to get as many eyes on your message as possible, which is why these kinds of banners are frequently used to advertise Guy Fawkes nights up and down the UK. You’ll often see custom printed PVC and mesh banners lining motorways to attract interest from passers-by. They can also be used to signpost firework-lovers to designated viewing areas in parks, fields and gardens.


    Halloween PVC Banner Printers

    Go all out this Halloween

    Why stick to standard, off-the-shelf banners when you could design your own with our help? If you’re planning a large-scale Halloween party, you could use custom printed PVC banners to add a spooky touch to your venue (and reassure your guests that they’ve arrived at the right place!). 

    Our 550gsm blackout PVC banners are designed to minimise show-through, making them a great choice for those who want to create a purposefully dark and dingy atmosphere at their venue. 


    Black Friday Sale PVC Banner

    Showcase your Black Friday and Cyber Monday deals

    November 29th and December 2nd are two dates that are bound to be highlighted in any retailer’s diary. Black Friday and Cyber Monday are now only weeks away, so it’s time to start thinking about how you’re going to attract attention from all those bargain-hunting shoppers during this notoriously hectic period.  

    Advertising tends to ramp up for Black Friday at the start of November, so it’s important to place your banner order now to avoid disappointment. If you need to keep costs low, consider investing in our 440gsm economy PVC banners, which are fade resistant and available in a wide range of finishing options to allow you to get as creative as you like with your seasonal advertising.


    Christmas Dinner PVC Banner Printers

    Adorn your restaurant or bar in bespoke Christmas messaging

    Is it too early to mention the ‘C’ word? We don’t think so – because before you know it, you’ll be booking in Christmas parties and taking Christmas orders! It’s a vital time of year for your restaurant, bar or nightclub, so make sure you’re showcasing your festive deals to as many people as possible with custom printed PVC banners that are strategically placed in areas of interest to your potential patrons.


    How to order PVC banners from Signs & Print

    You can order your PVC banners directly from each product page, and upload your preferred artwork via our website too, if you don’t have in-house design staff, or are struggling to find the time to come up with something let our graphic designers come up with a design for you. But if you need more information on any of these materials, or you’d like to discuss bespoke sizes or finishes with a member of our team, don’t hesitate to contact us. We’re always happy to help!

  • Why do we use white ink to create our window graphics?

    spot white ink guide

    Here at Signs & Print, we can produce custom window stickers using white ink. 

    Our customers often ask us why they should order stickers that are manufactured in this way, so we thought we’d provide you with more of an insight into the window sticker printing process, and why printing white ink onto a clear base material will normally produce better results.

    First thing’s first: regardless of how they are printed, all of our window graphics can be used to give your office or shopfront the ‘wow’ factor.

    We have to start by saying that, even if you don’t choose to print your window designs using the addition of white ink, you’ll still be getting your hands on a hugely versatile product that will work wonders for your brand presence. 

    Order any one of our window graphics, and we guarantee you won’t be disappointed with the print clarity of these products. All of the window stickers within this range, whether created for a seasonal promotion or a long-term advertising campaign, are produced to the highest standards using state of the art printing equipment to leave you with a fantastic window branding solution that will be sure to grab the attention of potential customers. 

    However, if you really want your design colours to ‘pop’, we would recommend making good use of white ink during the printing process! 

    What are the benefits of backing these graphics with white ink? 

    Using the latest UV ink technology to print using white ink provides a whole new range of creative possibilities that go beyond the realms of the standard CMYK four colour printing process. 

    Printing straight onto a clear base material using CMYK colours will still produce great-looking graphics, but the end result will be much more translucent. This means that the shapes and colours of your design could be lost within a busy environment – and this could affect the impact that your window stickers have on passers-by. 

    By overprinting or underprinting with white ink, we can preserve the opacity of the graphics and increase the contrasts between the colours to create a sticker that’s even more impactful. 

    Uses for white ink

    We can use white ink in the following three ways:

    • Spot white ink

    We can apply spot white ink to a clear base to produce a white-coloured image or add white lettering to a darker background. The underprint ensures the colours are true to tone and not ‘washed out’ by the translucence of the clear decal. 

    This option is ideal for customers who are looking for graphics that have a clear border around the text or images making them an easy to apply one piece graphic also for smaller or more intricate designs, or those who need to create stickers for bottles or jars.

    spot white ink on clear sticker

    • Flood coat white ink

    By printing the colour in reverse, we can cover the entire area of the sticker with white ink to give the appearance of a white background. The design itself will be reproduced on the adhesive side of the sticker, allowing it to be applied to the inside of the window and viewed by potential customers from the outside.

    flood coated white ink window graphics applied inside viewed from outside

    • Double sided window graphics using white ink

    We can use a sophisticated printing process to create a double-sided window sticker. This can have either the same or different images on each side. Multi layered printing some of which are full layers of flood coated white ink – are used to create the end result, as this is the only way to stop show-through from either side from ruining the colour quality and blending the illustrations.

    double sided window graphics

    double sided window graphics

    Not every signmaker has the ability to print window stickers using specialist white ink 

    We’re proud to be one of the few signmaking companies in the UK that has the specialist equipment needed to produce window graphics printed using specialist white ink. Printing double-sided graphics using white ink is a particularly sought-after service given the intricate nature of the process. 

    Interested in learning more about our white ink printing solutions? Please call our team directly to discuss your requirements or get a direct quote.

  • The everlasting appeal of fluted display boards

    Correx fluted signs

    What are fluted display boards?

    Fluted display boards are made from corrugated polypropylene, a type of plastic that’s known for its rigidity and water-resistant qualities.

    These kinds of boards have many different trade names. You’ll often see them referred to as Correx boards, as this is the term that’s most widely used in the market – but in fact, many other brands, such as Proplex, Polyflute and Coroplast, have become synonymous with this product too.

    Whatever you want to call them, though, fluted display boards are wonderfully printable and easy to fold and score, which makes them an attractive option for advertisers who are looking for a fast, easy and versatile way to promote their latest product or service.

    What are fluted boards used for?

    Because they are very resistant to wear and tear, fluted display boards are often used to create those familiar For Sale or To Let signs that are used by estate agents to advertise their latest properties. You may also see them lining the streets of new developments, as they’re usually the signage solution of choice amongst building companies and scaffolders.

    The material itself can be applied in all sorts of ways, within all kinds of industries – but as corrugated signs are notoriously affordable and malleable, you’ll often see fluted boards being used to create temporary signage at short term events and festivals. Many people also choose to customise their own fluted display boards to create hard-hitting placards for protests, strikes and political campaigns.

    How long will corrugated boards last?

    Don’t get us wrong – though they are surprisingly durable given their lightweight look and feel, Correx boards are not the most long-lasting products in our range. If you’re after longer-term solutions, you may want to take a look at our PVC banners, printed boards or pavement signs, all of which will be a more permanent addition to your marketing arsenal.   

    But as long as they’re well-looked-after and shielded from extreme weather conditions, you can expect your fluted display boards to retain their shape and vibrancy for at least six months.

    Plus, as we mentioned previously, fluted boards are also incredibly lightweight, which means they can be easily transported between locations and re-used time and time again in different environments.

    corrugated for sale sign outside a property

    How much do corrugated boards cost?

    They are one of the most economically priced signage options available, but the final price of your fluted display boards will really depend on the sizes and specs you’re looking for. The easiest way to find out how much your display boards are going to cost is to use the handy online calculator on our product page.

    How can I order custom printed corrugated boards?

    The easiest way to get your hands on brand new, fully customised fluted display boards is to place an order via the Signs & Print website. All you need to do is select the size and quantity of the product you require, then upload your artwork. All of our corrugated boards are printed using UV-based inks for a rich, photo-realistic result, and we can produce boards of up to 2440mm x 1220mm if you need something especially eye-catching!

    And as ever, if you need to discuss your display requirements with a member of our team, you can always reach us directly on 01376 341164.

  • Pavement signs: the ultimate marketing tools for brick-and-mortar businesses

    your business advertised with a pavement sign

    Although we’re being wowed by new and exciting advertising techniques all the time, there’s still a special place in our hearts for the humble pavement sign.

    It still remains one of the most effective and cost-efficient ways to advertise any business, regardless of its size or location.

    Here, we’ve put together a short guide to the benefits of investing in pavement signage for your premises and provided you with a quick introduction to some of the most popular styles from our range.

    Why have pavement signs stood the test of time?

    Pavement signs break up the monotony of a typical High Street. It’s easy to miss a store or a venue if it’s not adequately signposted, but pavement and A board signs have the power to make these businesses stand out from their surroundings with bold, eye-catching graphics and a clear marketing message.

    Well-designed pavement signs will stop passers-by in their tracks as they go about their shopping. They can encourage them to explore somewhere they may not have noticed before, or they can make them aware of a great new promotion or an irresistible product launch that they would otherwise have missed.

    What kinds of businesses will benefit most from pavement signage?

    If you operate a brick-and-mortar business that’s not in a particularly prominent location, you can use pavement signs to make potential customers aware of what you do, then direct them straight to your premises. These kinds of signs work particularly well for venues that are a little off the beaten track but still want to draw in fresh customers from nearby high footfall areas.

    Pavement signs are the perfect investment for shops, salons and bars that could very easily go unnoticed. To give you an idea of the types of businesses that use pavement signs to effectively market their products or services, we’ve recently printed pavement signs for pubs, restaurants, cafes, gyms, street food outlets, banks, office blocks, car hire companies and even car showrooms.

    They’re one of our most requested products, which means they are still in high demand amongst savvy retailers and service providers who all have one thing in common: they want to capture the attention of their next prospective customer, without busting their marketing budget!


    What pavement signs are available?

    At Signs & Print, we offer an impressive selection of single-sided and double-sided pavement signs to suit the needs of any business.

    Our standard A boards always sell well, whatever the weather. They’re durable, they’re easy to manoeuvre, and their easy-open snap frames make light work of poster changes, which means you can change your advertising message as often as you like. What’s more, our A boards are surprisingly affordable for smaller businesses, with prices starting from just £53 (excluding VAT).

    Elsewhere in our collection, we provide a variety of swing signs for customers who want to make more of a statement. Our Swinger 3000 swing sign is something of a staple within our catalogue, as it offers complete versatility from a portable, customisable frame. Our Eco Swinger, however, might be a more suitable option for companies that want a sturdy, weatherproof signage solution at a more economical price.

    Searching for a more traditional alternative? Check out our Premier Chalk A Board, a must-have for any pub, bar or eatery that is going for a more retro look. And we couldn’t sign off this blog without mentioning our Sentinel Forecourt Sign, a larger, more robust option that’s often ordered by car garages, retail showrooms and petrol stations.

    Remember, we can help you design customised graphics for your pavement signage, too. Learn more about our design service here.

  • The differences between vector artwork and bitmap images

    vector vs bitmap comparison chartAt Signs & Print, we really go the extra mile to make sure your signs are of the highest possible quality. But if you cannot supply us with logos and graphics in a suitable format, there’s only so much we can do!

    When we’re working with customer-supplied graphics, we often get asked the difference between vector images and bitmap images. So here, we’ve outlined the key features of each format and discussed some of the reasons why our printers prefer one type of image over the other.

    What’s a bitmap (or raster) image?

    Bitmap images – which are sometimes referred to as raster images – are made up of tiny, square-shaped pixels that can be arranged however you like in order to produce the desired image.

    They are created using the principles of pointillism, an artistic technique in which the painter uses thousands of individual squares to form an image.

    Most digital cameras and programmes will produce graphics in bitmap format. You’ll often see them saved with file extensions such as JPG, GIF and PNG (the most commonly used format across the web).

    Bitmap graphics are easy to edit. The designer can use a professional photo editing programme such as Adobe Photoshop to edit or erase the colour of each pixel according to the result he or she wants to achieve. The downside to bitmap images, however, is that when you zoom in or enlarge the image, you’ll start to see the individual pixel squares, and this will affect the clarity of the overall image.

    The size of the image will ultimately determine how ‘usable’ it is from a printing perspective. Images taken from online are usually low resolution bitmaps to make them load fast on websites but this makes them unsuitable for printing. Our designers often refer to the pixels-per-inch (ppi or dpi) calculation to see how it will respond to being enlarged or adjusted; the more pixels packed into an inch, the higher the quality of the image.

    In some cases, it is possible to print signs and other collateral using bitmap images. But bitmap graphics very rarely work when applied to large format signs because they’re not of a high enough resolution to withstand the enlarging process unless being viewed from a distance. For the best results, we’ll ask you or your designer to produce a vector image of the same artwork instead.

    vector vs bitmap images

    What’s a vector image?

    In a technical sense, vector images use geometrical formulas to represent your graphics. Unlike bitmap images, vector images are not based on pixels – they use mathematical rules to draw lines and curves that can be combined together to create the whole picture.

    Designers use professional graphic design drawing programmes, like Adobe Illustrator, to create vector graphics.

    The biggest advantage of using vector images in print is that they can be scaled up easily without losing their quality and clarity. The software will resize the image automatically by increasing the calculations, which means that the original appearance of the logo, text or illustration will be retained, even if the graphic is eventually used across large-scale PVC banners, printed boards and floor graphics.

    Vector image file sizes tend to be smaller than bitmap files because a bitmap image has to store colour information for each and every pixel that forms the complete image. A Vector image only has to store the mathematical formulas that make up the image, which takes up less space. Sounds ideal, doesn’t it? Well, there are in fact a couple of downsides to using vector images. For example, they’re great for designs that use straightforward solid colours, but it’s tricky to achieve subtle colour gradients or shadows using professional graphic design drawing programmes, because each shape used within the design is assigned its own block colour.

    Parts of the graphic can be rasterised if these kinds of effects need to be achieved, but as you’d expect, this will affect the resolution of the image when it’s time to enlarge it. Bitmaps are best used for images that need to have a wide range of colour gradients such as in most photographs.

    Overall, though, vector images are more versatile than their bitmap counterparts – and that’s why we’ll prefer to work with them wherever possible. If you’re keen to invest in some new printed materials but are struggling to come up with a suitable vector graphic, remember that our team do offer a design service for an additional fee. They can develop an eye-catching and fully scalable design on your behalf if you wish, taking your existing branding and ideas into consideration to create a logo or illustration you can be proud of!

  • Have you tapped in to the benefits of stowaway pop up banners?

    Have you tapped in to the benefits of stowaway pop up banners?

    Our banners are definitely some of our most enduring products here at Signs & Print. 

    Our high quality roller banners are particularly popular amongst companies who want to make a great impression at trade fairs and exhibitions, while our PVC banners are considered a great option for businesses that want to achieve high visibility in areas with lots of footfall or traffic. Strong, bright and fully customisable, banners are still important (and cost-effective) marketing assets for all kinds of organisations.

    The only downside to using traditional PVC banners is that where there is nowhere to fix the banner an additional free standing banner A Frame would be required, which is more suited to a longer advertising campaign as it is more heavy duty but makes it more difficult to transport from event to event.

    Thankfully our stowaway pop up banners are providing our customers with a flexible, easy-install alternative, with no additional frame required for freestanding – and as a result, they’re flying off the shelves! 

    stowaway pop up bannersWhat are the benefits of using stowaway pop up banners?

    As the name suggests, our stowaway pop up banners can be stashed away while they’re not in use, then set up quickly and easily straight from their carry case. They’re designed to pop straight out of the case itself and bounce into shape immediately, which means you don’t need to spend valuable minutes setting them up (and you don’t need to have any specialist tools to hand, either). 

    Robust and durable, stowaway banners are suitable for use both indoors and outdoors – but on the flip side, thanks to the fact they’re made from knitted polyester, they’re lightweight enough to be carried from place to place by anyone within the company. They truly offer the perfect balance of practicality and durability, and what’s more, they can be customised with your own designs. Advertisers have never enjoyed so much freedom and choice from their banners! 

    The stowaway pop up banners from Signs & Print are provided with a handy carry bag and a set of ground pegs to prevent your signage from being carried away by particularly strong gusts of wind (or unwanted advances from passers-by!). 

    Where are these stowaway pop up banners typically used?

    The beauty of these types of banners is that they can be transported to, and then used, pretty much anywhere. They can even be moved around a space while an event is taking place. 

    Local businesses and sponsors will often use them to advertise their products or services at golf tournaments (hence why you’ll often see these products referred to as ‘golf pop up banners’). They are also a common sight at charity ‘dos, company conferences, festivals, village fairs and other large-scale events that can provide a brilliant platform for companies. As an example, caterers sometimes use them to promote their brand at the events they’re servicing.

    And, of course, there’s nothing to stop keen marketers from displaying stowaway pop up banners at their own premises if they want to reinforce their branding to their staff and customers!  

    Keen to try out these banners for yourself?

    It’s never been easier to order custom-designed stowaway pop up banners online. Our dedicated design team can even help you come up with professional-looking visuals for your product, if you want. Check out with your preferred banner via our website, or feel free to contact our team if you want to discuss your advertising requirements in more detail.

  • How to create high impact business leaflets

    How to create high impact business leaflets

    If you’re a business owner, chances are you’re always pitching your products or solutions to potential customers. You’ll constantly be attending networking events, trade shows and exhibitions in pursuit of your next sale. It’s exciting, sure – but it can be pretty exhausting, too. 

    But what if there was an easier – and slicker – way to showcase what’s on offer from your company without putting yourself through those long-winded sales spiels and endless chats over coffee with prospective buyers?

    There is! 

    Leaflets are one of the most underrated yet impactful sales tools currently available to firms in any industry. 

    These seemingly assuming pieces of paper or card can play a vital role in communicating your core messages to potential customers and establishing your company as both professional and credible. 

    As long as they’re designed correctly, printed leaflets can do all the hard work for you. They can be used to provide your connections with an overview of everything you offer, then deliver a strong call to action that will encourage them to get in touch to find out more – all within a colourful, eye-catching design that shows off your brand individuality. 

    5 steps to producing beautiful, impactful business leaflets

    Creating printed marketing materials sounds simple – but there are certain principles you’ll need to follow if you want to make sure your business leaflet stands out from the rest. 

    Work your way through the steps below and you’ll soon be the proud owner of an attractive batch of leaflets that will leave a lasting positive impression on your potential customers. 

    #1  Define your audience. 

    Do you want to use your leaflets to ‘talk’ to prospective customers? If the answer is yes, then what kind of people do you want your marketing collateral to appeal to?

    Think about the kind of person who is likely to buy from you. How old are they? What are there interests? What’s important to them? Once you’ve answered these questions honestly and comprehensively, you’ll have a better idea of the kind of message that needs to be incorporated into your leaflet design – and you’ll be able to move straight on to step 2!

    #2  Consider your content.

    Your leaflet copy needs to grab the attention of the audience. It needs to drive your main points home in a clear, straightforward way. Trying to pack too much information into a leaflet or flyer can make the design look too word-heavy, and this can prevent potential buyers from engaging with what you’ve written. After all, who’s got time to spend 5 minutes sifting through reams of text these days?

    And when we talk about content, we also mean the graphics that you’re going to use to give your leaflets some extra pizazz. To really wow your audience, make sure the images you use are of high quality and are 100% relevant to the message you’re trying to deliver. 

    In most cases, you’ll need to include:

    • Your company name
    • A catchy headline
    • A brief explanation of the product, service or offer you’re promoting
    • A bright, eye-catching image
    • A call to action that includes your contact details

    Oh, and make sure you proofread all your leaflet content before it goes to print! 

    #3  Spend time on your design. 

    Microsoft Word doesn’t suffice these days! Your leaflet needs to be designed by a professional if it’s going to have maximum clout. Signs and Print offer a supporting design service for customers who want to outsource this important work to a company that creates stunning leaflets day in, day out. 

    If budget doesn’t allow for the talents of a graphic designer, our advice would be to make sure the leaflet design is clean, uncluttered, and makes good use of white space. Use the same fonts wherever possible for consistency (ideally, the same ones that are used on your website), and don’t try to pack too many photos into a small space, as the end result will look messy. Think about the way the content is formatted, too; the layout needs to ensure the leaflet is easy to read.  

    #4  Take advantage of different folds and finishes.

    There’s no reason why you can’t get creative with your leaflet design! We offer lots of different folding options for businesses that are tired of the same old standard A3, A4, and A5 leaflet templates, and we have a range of finishes for you to choose from that can determine the final look and style of your printed materials. 

    #5  Choose the right print partner.

    Once you’re completely happy with your leaflet design, you need to take it to print. At this point in the process, it’s so important to choose a print partner that can deliver the precise results you’re looking for, at a price you can afford. 

    Not only can the team here at Signs and Print help you finalise your artwork, we can also provide you with loads of handy advice on leaflet sizes and paper stock to help you create something that will do your brand proud. We also offer fast turnarounds on leaflet orders of all sizes, which is especially useful if you need to launch a campaign quickly and with minimum fuss. 

    Not got the time to create your leaflets yourself? Give us a call! We can oversee the designing and printing of your business leaflets from concept to completion. You can reach us on 01376 341164.

  • How to design the perfect roller banner

    how to create the perfect roller bannerMany of our customers are keen to take advantage of our in-house roller banner design service. It’s often quicker, easier and more cost-effective to ask the professionals here at Signs & Print to create a beautiful design on your behalf, especially as we have a range of different sized template guides that you can download to help you with your artwork.

    But with the right advice, it IS possible to produce excellent results in-house.

    Read on to learn how to design the perfect custom roller banner for your business in 8 easy steps.


    Step 1: Choose your banner’s size and specifications.

    In the very first instance, you’ll need to decide how big you’d like your banner to be, bearing in mind the space available in the area where it’s most likely to be used.

    You’ll also need to consider whether your banner will need to be displayed indoors or outside, as the end application will affect the quality of the materials that need to be used in the production process.

    Thankfully, there are plenty of options for businesses who are looking to make more of an impact with their marketing graphics. Take a look at our range of roller banners for an idea of what’s available.


    Step 2: Add your logo.

    It goes without saying that your company moniker needs to be present within your roller banner design. Most design professionals would recommend placing your logo right at the top of the banner, in the most prominent position.

    Make sure that you use a high-resolution logo to stop it from looking unnecessarily pixelated. A low-res graphic can really affect the quality of the end design.


    Step 3: Add your key message.

    Next, it’s time to add your core message into the template.

    Always keep this title short and to the point. Ideally, you want to place the message within the top third of the design; it needs to be at eye level for maximum accessibility.


    Step 4: Add a little bit of body text.

    Now’s your chance to explain a little more about the product, service or event using a couple of sentences or a short list of bullet points.

    Be sure to align your text so it’s neat and easy to read. Disjointed or even abstract text layouts will ultimately confuse the reader. It’s best to stick to the same font as you used in the title, too.


    Step 5: Use high quality imagery.

    Every professional banner needs to be backed by some colourful graphics – but the key here, as with the logo, is to find imagery that’s sharp and intended for large format advertising.

    Sometimes less is more when it comes to your artwork, so don’t be afraid to opt for one single, striking image instead of a series of smaller ones.

    Make sure that any photos or illustrations you use are placed in the middle third of the design and do not obstruct or interfere with any of your content.


    Step 6: Add your contact details.

    The whole point of your roller banner is to encourage potential customers to get in touch with your company – so don’t forget to include your phone number, email address, website URL and social media handles so they know exactly where to go to find out more.


    Step 7: Proofread your work.

    We can’t begin to tell you how many times we’ve come across glaringly obvious typos in company roller banners! Poor spelling and grammar will leave a negative impression on your audience, so proofread every single piece of content several times to make sure nothing slips through the net.


    Step 8: Let the design breathe.

    It can be tempting to pack as much information into your banner design as possible. But if you want to develop a professional-looking, well-balanced design, it’s hugely important to make sure there’s enough space for your message to ‘breathe’.

    Crucially, make sure there is enough empty space to the top, bottom and sides of your design. This will ensure the design looks uncluttered.


    What happens next?

    Once you’re 100% happy with your roller banner design, it’s time to send your pride and joy to print. This is where we can step in!

    We offer a huge range of roller banner products to suit everyone’s budget. From our small but mighty mini desktop roller banners to our premium quality, double-sided twin cassette systems, you’re spoilt for choice when you choose Signs & Print as your printing partner.

    You can buy your preferred roller banner online, or you can speak to a member of our team in person if you need help choosing the right banner for your advertising campaign.

    We can even spruce up your roller banner design for a small extra fee!

  • Is there a better promotional tool than a PVC banner?

    pvc banner with the message 'does it get any better than this'

    The marketing world may be increasingly using digital techniques to spread the word about a company’s expertise, but here at Signs & Print, we firmly believe there’s still a place for PVC banners in the wider marketplace.

    In fact, we think these popular large format products are some of the most enduring in the advertising industry. Because despite the emergence of complex online technologies, companies are continuing to invest in high quality printed PVC banners to help capture the imagination of local audiences and grab a little more market share from their direct competitors.

    Here, we’ve listed three strong reasons why we think the humble PVC banner is one of the most important – and perhaps underrated! – promotional tools out there.

    #1: PVC banners can be used to communicate pretty much any message.

    These sizeable, eye-catching PVC banners will certainly not be missed when they’re hung in high footfall areas.

    In our experience, these kinds of banners have three main applications:

    To promote your products or services.

    Your PVC banner can be customised to display your latest offer. Or, if you’re launching something different to the masses, it can also be used to introduce something new to your audience. Whatever you want to shout about, you can rely on a PVC banner to do a lot of the hard work for you!

    To signpost guests to an event.

    When placed outside a venue, these head-turning banners can be used to point guests in the direction of the ticket stalls or the entrance. They are also a great choice for event organisers who need to manage and direct the flow of traffic during a particularly busy event, such as a trade show or sports game.

    To reinforce a brand.

    When installed in a high visibility area – such as on a roundabout or a main road – PVC banners can help to instil your brand message into the minds of passers-by.

    #2: They’re incredibly hardy.

    When you invest in a PVC banner, you can expect to receive a product that’s designed to go the distance.

    Made from anti-tear materials and boasting extra-secure eyelets, these signs are strong enough to withstand prolonged use. The exceptional quality UV-based inks that are used in the printing process will also ensure that the graphics will not lose their quality or vibrancy due to sunlight and adverse weather conditions. And on top of this, PVC material is more flexible than many of its alternatives because it can be taken down and reinstalled in as many different places as you like without losing its edge.

    Put simply, you’ll be hard pushed to find a more durable promotional tool!

    #3: They’re more cost-effective than you might think.

    Thanks to the fact that printing technologies have come on in leaps and bounds in the last few years, PVC banners are some of the most cost-efficient advertising options out there.

    Nowadays, creating a custom-printed PVC banner is almost as cheap as creating a traditional banner. And unlike billboards and other forms of static advertising, PVC banners can be used as many times as you like in multiple locations, resulting in a cost per use that can’t be beaten.

    Want to discuss the many benefits of PVC banners in more detail? Contact the team here at Signs & Print. We’ll happily talk you through the features of the various products we offer – including our cheap 440gsm banners, our economy 550gsm banners, our blockout 750gsm banners, and our robust mesh banners.

    And if you need us to, we’ll help you come up with a banner design that perfectly suits your business needs.

  • Why choose promotional flags over traditional banners?

    Promotional printed flagsFlags are becoming a much more attractive option for businesses who want to make an impact on their target audience without investing in traditional banners, pop ups or posters. 

    Here at Signs & Print, we stock three different types of these soft signs: feather flags, crest flags, and teardrop-shaped products. If you’re not sure if these products are going to be the right fit for your campaign, or if you’re yet to discover the various benefits of promotional flags, read on to learn more about why they are fast becoming the tool of choice for marketers up and down the country! 

    They’re incredibly versatile.

    One of the big draws of promotional flags is that they can be used practically anywhere to deliver an important sales message. You can choose to use them outside a shop, a car dealership, in a shopping mall, alongside a forecourt, and in practically any area that’s expected to receive a high footfall of traffic. 

    They’re fully portable. 

    Gone are the days of spending hours setting up and taking down promotional banners. Flags can be erected in virtually no time at all, which means they can be placed wherever necessary with minimum hassle; they can even be moved throughout an event if crowds are expected to shift between different areas at different times of the day.  

    They can be used either indoors or outdoors. 

    Because they are designed for high performance, promotional flags can be used outside if necessary. Thanks to their sturdy aluminium poles, they will withstand the worst of Britain’s weather (but, of course, we wouldn’t recommend using them outdoors if you’re expecting high wind speeds). 

    They can be printed with top quality graphics for a professional finish. 

    The bright, bold full-colour graphics on our flags add a beautiful finesse to these marketing materials. Our dye-sublimation printing processes will create a design that will cut through even the busiest of commercial environments, ensuring your message is received loud and clear by anyone who happens to be passing by! Plus, promotional flags are even more attention-grabbing than many of our static banners and signs simply because they flicker and wave in the wind to catch the eye of your potential customers. 

    They are fully customisable. 

    You can print any message and any design onto your promotional flag of choice. This means that your flag can be tailored to match other marketing collateral, creating a seamless branding experience and giving your company extra credibility.  

    They won’t break the bank. 

    When it comes to value for money, our promotional flags are some of the most cost-effective signage products in our entire range. Not only are they lightweight, portable and suitable for any indoor or outdoor environment – they’re also designed to last. As long as you look after your flag and follow all care instructions, you can expect it to remain an important part of your advertising arsenal for many years to come! 

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