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Monthly Archives: June 2015

  • Roller Banner Stand Buying Guide

    Roller Banners sometimes called pull up or popup banners are the perfect choice if you need a display stand that is both lightweight and simple to put up. Other advantages are that Roller Banners work well in limited spaces like reception areas and small exhibition stands, offering almost immediate branding opportunities and are easy to store when not being used.

    Most Roller Banners are only to be used indoors but we do have a range of Roller Banners and X tension banner stands for outdoor use. These are different in appearance as they have a large water fillable base to prevent them blowing over in outdoor conditions. Roller Banners are ideal if you need a professional display at an affordable price.

    Roller Banner exhibition stands Things to consider when choosing a Roller Bannerfor your event

    If you are looking to purchase a Roller Banner you may want to consider the following points.

    The variety of Roller Banner stands on the market can seem quite bewildering. This is not a guide to all the models available but rather a resource offering advice on what to look for in order to make an informed choice and to answer the question that may already have struck you, why is there such a wide range of prices?

    Price disparity is particularly noticeable with Banner stands. You see some advertised for almost too good to be true prices while others are over £300. The reasons for this falls into two categories: materials and mechanisms and if design or artwork are included.  Most companies charge for design but at Signs & Print we include basic design in the price.

    Both the stand itself and the graphic panel can be made of materials of varying quality typically the very low cost Roller Banner stands that are available for around £30 are made using low cost far east imported cassettes and banner scrim or paper which curls and is not the right material and yet some suppliers still use it for Roller Banner graphics panels. Paper is easily damaged, especially on the edges, even when the face is laminated and it reacts badly to moisture and condensation. Furthermore it does not block background light from showing through the panel which can make the graphic look faded and hard to see clearly.

    Here at Signs & Print we only use European-made stands that are of a higher quality and we only use the proper light block no curl Roller Banner material for our graphic panels, we also use eco solvent inks which gives you the most vibrant fade resistant prints.

    To cater for very low budgets European manufacturers also tend to import some Far Eastern models but these are manufactured under licence and are quality controlled and are clearly sold as ‘budget’ options.

    • Low cost Roller Banners have a limited life expectancy and are not designed to withstand continual vigorous use. They are traditionally used for a small number of events or exhibitions where quick branding is needed or they will continually stay up.


    • Mid priced Roller Banners differ because they tend to be more aesthetically pleasing. Also many of their internal and external cassette mechanisms are built to higher specifications and because of this they tend to have deeper footprints meaning they will be more stable. These differences compared with low cost banners ultimately mean that they can stand up to much more wear and tear and have an increased life expectancy.


    • High end premium Roller Banners are the logical progression of mid range Roller Banner stands because they look good and are specifically designed to stand up to regular use. They also may have additional extras such as optional coloured or chrome end caps, levelling facilities, adjustable height poles and some have user replaceable graphics. These Roller Banners will always have the longest guarantee period.

    Here at Signs & Print we only use stay flat light block roller banner material for our graphic panels on our entire range from our premium budget Raptor to our most high end Diplomat Duo Double Sided Roller Banner.

    Pop up banners

    Roller Banner Stand buying guide Summary

    The age old adage is you only get what you pay for. That’s not always completely true in that some suppliers charge premium prices for inferior materials used to manufacture the graphic panels on high end Roller Banner cassettes so don’t get caught out buying a high price Roller Banner stand with a paper or PVC scrim banner as a graphic that will not last and will curl would be a waste of your money and not promote you or your business.

    For more advise visit www.shop.signsandprintltd.co.uk or call us on 01376 341164

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