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  • PVC banners: the perfect tools for seasonal promotions

    valentines day PVC banner

    The nights are getting colder, and it’s clear that winter is only just around the corner. But while many of us will still be mourning the loss of summer, the savvier business owners amongst you will be turning your attention to your seasonal marketing campaigns – and, more specifically, the merchandise you’re going to be using to spread the word about your upcoming promotions! 

    At this time of year, we get tonnes of enquiries from customers who want to use PVC banners to advertise seasonal events and special offers. Durable, versatile and available in a wide range of sizes, these popular banners are a fantastic option for any company or venue that wants to reach the widest possible audience in locations with high footfall. They’re surprisingly affordable, too. 

    If you’re wondering how you could use PVC banners to your advantage this autumn and winter, read on for some well-timed ideas and inspiration.


    Fireworks PVC Banner printing

    Draw visitors to your next firework display

    “Remember, remember, the 5th of November,” goes the chant. Well, your potential visitors certainly will once you’ve invested in large, eye-catching PVC banners that are emblazoned with the details of your event! 

    They’re designed to get as many eyes on your message as possible, which is why these kinds of banners are frequently used to advertise Guy Fawkes nights up and down the UK. You’ll often see custom printed PVC and mesh banners lining motorways to attract interest from passers-by. They can also be used to signpost firework-lovers to designated viewing areas in parks, fields and gardens.


    Halloween PVC Banner Printers

    Go all out this Halloween

    Why stick to standard, off-the-shelf banners when you could design your own with our help? If you’re planning a large-scale Halloween party, you could use custom printed PVC banners to add a spooky touch to your venue (and reassure your guests that they’ve arrived at the right place!). 

    Our 550gsm blackout PVC banners are designed to minimise show-through, making them a great choice for those who want to create a purposefully dark and dingy atmosphere at their venue. 


    Black Friday Sale PVC Banner

    Showcase your Black Friday and Cyber Monday deals

    November 29th and December 2nd are two dates that are bound to be highlighted in any retailer’s diary. Black Friday and Cyber Monday are now only weeks away, so it’s time to start thinking about how you’re going to attract attention from all those bargain-hunting shoppers during this notoriously hectic period.  

    Advertising tends to ramp up for Black Friday at the start of November, so it’s important to place your banner order now to avoid disappointment. If you need to keep costs low, consider investing in our 440gsm economy PVC banners, which are fade resistant and available in a wide range of finishing options to allow you to get as creative as you like with your seasonal advertising.


    Christmas Dinner PVC Banner Printers

    Adorn your restaurant or bar in bespoke Christmas messaging

    Is it too early to mention the ‘C’ word? We don’t think so – because before you know it, you’ll be booking in Christmas parties and taking Christmas orders! It’s a vital time of year for your restaurant, bar or nightclub, so make sure you’re showcasing your festive deals to as many people as possible with custom printed PVC banners that are strategically placed in areas of interest to your potential patrons.


    How to order PVC banners from Signs & Print

    You can order your PVC banners directly from each product page, and upload your preferred artwork via our website too, if you don’t have in-house design staff, or are struggling to find the time to come up with something let our graphic designers come up with a design for you. But if you need more information on any of these materials, or you’d like to discuss bespoke sizes or finishes with a member of our team, don’t hesitate to contact us. We’re always happy to help!

  • Why do we use white ink to create our window graphics?

    spot white ink guide

    Here at Signs & Print, we can produce custom window stickers using white ink. 

    Our customers often ask us why they should order stickers that are manufactured in this way, so we thought we’d provide you with more of an insight into the window sticker printing process, and why printing white ink onto a clear base material will normally produce better results.

    First thing’s first: regardless of how they are printed, all of our window graphics can be used to give your office or shopfront the ‘wow’ factor.

    We have to start by saying that, even if you don’t choose to print your window designs using the addition of white ink, you’ll still be getting your hands on a hugely versatile product that will work wonders for your brand presence. 

    Order any one of our window graphics, and we guarantee you won’t be disappointed with the print clarity of these products. All of the window stickers within this range, whether created for a seasonal promotion or a long-term advertising campaign, are produced to the highest standards using state of the art printing equipment to leave you with a fantastic window branding solution that will be sure to grab the attention of potential customers. 

    However, if you really want your design colours to ‘pop’, we would recommend making good use of white ink during the printing process! 

    What are the benefits of backing these graphics with white ink? 

    Using the latest UV ink technology to print using white ink provides a whole new range of creative possibilities that go beyond the realms of the standard CMYK four colour printing process. 

    Printing straight onto a clear base material using CMYK colours will still produce great-looking graphics, but the end result will be much more translucent. This means that the shapes and colours of your design could be lost within a busy environment – and this could affect the impact that your window stickers have on passers-by. 

    By overprinting or underprinting with white ink, we can preserve the opacity of the graphics and increase the contrasts between the colours to create a sticker that’s even more impactful. 

    Uses for white ink

    We can use white ink in the following three ways:

    • Spot white ink

    We can apply spot white ink to a clear base to produce a white-coloured image or add white lettering to a darker background. The underprint ensures the colours are true to tone and not ‘washed out’ by the translucence of the clear decal. 

    This option is ideal for customers who are looking for graphics that have a clear border around the text or images making them an easy to apply one piece graphic also for smaller or more intricate designs, or those who need to create stickers for bottles or jars.

    spot white ink on clear sticker

    • Flood coat white ink

    By printing the colour in reverse, we can cover the entire area of the sticker with white ink to give the appearance of a white background. The design itself will be reproduced on the adhesive side of the sticker, allowing it to be applied to the inside of the window and viewed by potential customers from the outside.

    flood coated white ink window graphics applied inside viewed from outside

    • Double sided window graphics using white ink

    We can use a sophisticated printing process to create a double-sided window sticker. This can have either the same or different images on each side. Multi layered printing some of which are full layers of flood coated white ink – are used to create the end result, as this is the only way to stop show-through from either side from ruining the colour quality and blending the illustrations.

    double sided window graphics

    double sided window graphics

    Not every signmaker has the ability to print window stickers using specialist white ink 

    We’re proud to be one of the few signmaking companies in the UK that has the specialist equipment needed to produce window graphics printed using specialist white ink. Printing double-sided graphics using white ink is a particularly sought-after service given the intricate nature of the process. 

    Interested in learning more about our white ink printing solutions? Please call our team directly to discuss your requirements or get a direct quote.

  • The everlasting appeal of fluted display boards

    Correx fluted signs

    What are fluted display boards?

    Fluted display boards are made from corrugated polypropylene, a type of plastic that’s known for its rigidity and water-resistant qualities.

    These kinds of boards have many different trade names. You’ll often see them referred to as Correx boards, as this is the term that’s most widely used in the market – but in fact, many other brands, such as Proplex, Polyflute and Coroplast, have become synonymous with this product too.

    Whatever you want to call them, though, fluted display boards are wonderfully printable and easy to fold and score, which makes them an attractive option for advertisers who are looking for a fast, easy and versatile way to promote their latest product or service.

    What are fluted boards used for?

    Because they are very resistant to wear and tear, fluted display boards are often used to create those familiar For Sale or To Let signs that are used by estate agents to advertise their latest properties. You may also see them lining the streets of new developments, as they’re usually the signage solution of choice amongst building companies and scaffolders.

    The material itself can be applied in all sorts of ways, within all kinds of industries – but as corrugated signs are notoriously affordable and malleable, you’ll often see fluted boards being used to create temporary signage at short term events and festivals. Many people also choose to customise their own fluted display boards to create hard-hitting placards for protests, strikes and political campaigns.

    How long will corrugated boards last?

    Don’t get us wrong – though they are surprisingly durable given their lightweight look and feel, Correx boards are not the most long-lasting products in our range. If you’re after longer-term solutions, you may want to take a look at our PVC banners, printed boards or pavement signs, all of which will be a more permanent addition to your marketing arsenal.   

    But as long as they’re well-looked-after and shielded from extreme weather conditions, you can expect your fluted display boards to retain their shape and vibrancy for at least six months.

    Plus, as we mentioned previously, fluted boards are also incredibly lightweight, which means they can be easily transported between locations and re-used time and time again in different environments.

    corrugated for sale sign outside a property

    How much do corrugated boards cost?

    They are one of the most economically priced signage options available, but the final price of your fluted display boards will really depend on the sizes and specs you’re looking for. The easiest way to find out how much your display boards are going to cost is to use the handy online calculator on our product page.

    How can I order custom printed corrugated boards?

    The easiest way to get your hands on brand new, fully customised fluted display boards is to place an order via the Signs & Print website. All you need to do is select the size and quantity of the product you require, then upload your artwork. All of our corrugated boards are printed using UV-based inks for a rich, photo-realistic result, and we can produce boards of up to 2440mm x 1220mm if you need something especially eye-catching!

    And as ever, if you need to discuss your display requirements with a member of our team, you can always reach us directly on 01376 341164.

  • Signs and Print on a roll with Rollsroller

    printed boards

    Here at Signs and Print in Braintree Essex we are continuing to invest in the latest technology with our latest purchase of a Rollsroller 540/220P Flatbed applicator from Spandex.

    We supply Retail and Trade only resellers all types of signage throughout the whole of the UK and with our latest investment we are looking to reduce turnaround times whilst maintaining a consistent high quality finish on a wide range of printed rigid boards.

    Lee Reeves, Managing Director says "In todays climate we are increasingly seeing demands for shorter turnaround times from our clients and our investment in the Rollsroller enables us to substantially decrease our turnaround times without compromising on quality. Before the Rollsroller was installed we had a bottleneck in our production on the mounting of large boards as being mounted by hand was very labour intensive and time consuming, requiring two people to mount larger boards. This can now be done within a fraction of the time and by one operator"

    You can purchase a wide range of our products online 24/7 365 days a year by visiting or call our friendly sales team on 01376 341164 or email for a bespoke quote.

  • FREE Charity PVC Banner Offer

    100% free - no catch... Free PVC Banner Offer for Charities, Schools, Colleges, Universities & Non-Profit Organisations with a website.

    Free PVC Banner for CharitiesSigns & Print will print a full colour PVC banner which is excellent for indoor or outdoor fundraising events or permanent use outside a venue when attached to railings.

    The Free PVC banner comes complete with hems & eyelets so you can easily attach it. They are also delivered Free to any UK mainland address. The finished PVC Banner Size is 1500mm x 610mm and can include any combination of text, logos or photos.

    We can print from your artwork or if you don't have or are unable to create the artwork we are happy to design your school, charity, sports, scouts & cubs banners for you free of charge. Just tell us what you require on it and send us any logos and or photos and one of our design team will design it for you.

    For more info please click here



  • 1st Roland XR640 to be upgraded to the new Ecosol Max3 Inks in the UK

    We are pleased to announce that our clients both retail & re-sellers will benefit from Rolands newest generation of Inks the Ecosol Max3 as we are the first to upgrade our Roland XR640 machines to the latest inks. Some of the benefits of the new inks include faster drying times and an overall improvement to performance.

    They also meet newly updated health and safety legislation requirements along with having a GREENGUARD Gold Certification which covers safety factors ensuring that all our prints meet the latest standards and are acceptable for use in environments like schools, offices and hospitals.

    Eco sol max3

  • Roller Banner Stand Buying Guide

    Roller Banners sometimes called pull up or popup banners are the perfect choice if you need a display stand that is both lightweight and simple to put up. Other advantages are that Roller Banners work well in limited spaces like reception areas and small exhibition stands, offering almost immediate branding opportunities and are easy to store when not being used.

    Most Roller Banners are only to be used indoors but we do have a range of Roller Banners and X tension banner stands for outdoor use. These are different in appearance as they have a large water fillable base to prevent them blowing over in outdoor conditions. Roller Banners are ideal if you need a professional display at an affordable price.

    Roller Banner exhibition stands Things to consider when choosing a Roller Bannerfor your event

    If you are looking to purchase a Roller Banner you may want to consider the following points.

    The variety of Roller Banner stands on the market can seem quite bewildering. This is not a guide to all the models available but rather a resource offering advice on what to look for in order to make an informed choice and to answer the question that may already have struck you, why is there such a wide range of prices?

    Price disparity is particularly noticeable with Banner stands. You see some advertised for almost too good to be true prices while others are over £300. The reasons for this falls into two categories: materials and mechanisms and if design or artwork are included.  Most companies charge for design but at Signs & Print we include basic design in the price.

    Both the stand itself and the graphic panel can be made of materials of varying quality typically the very low cost Roller Banner stands that are available for around £30 are made using low cost far east imported cassettes and banner scrim or paper which curls and is not the right material and yet some suppliers still use it for Roller Banner graphics panels. Paper is easily damaged, especially on the edges, even when the face is laminated and it reacts badly to moisture and condensation. Furthermore it does not block background light from showing through the panel which can make the graphic look faded and hard to see clearly.

    Here at Signs & Print we only use European-made stands that are of a higher quality and we only use the proper light block no curl Roller Banner material for our graphic panels, we also use eco solvent inks which gives you the most vibrant fade resistant prints.

    To cater for very low budgets European manufacturers also tend to import some Far Eastern models but these are manufactured under licence and are quality controlled and are clearly sold as ‘budget’ options.

    • Low cost Roller Banners have a limited life expectancy and are not designed to withstand continual vigorous use. They are traditionally used for a small number of events or exhibitions where quick branding is needed or they will continually stay up.


    • Mid priced Roller Banners differ because they tend to be more aesthetically pleasing. Also many of their internal and external cassette mechanisms are built to higher specifications and because of this they tend to have deeper footprints meaning they will be more stable. These differences compared with low cost banners ultimately mean that they can stand up to much more wear and tear and have an increased life expectancy.


    • High end premium Roller Banners are the logical progression of mid range Roller Banner stands because they look good and are specifically designed to stand up to regular use. They also may have additional extras such as optional coloured or chrome end caps, levelling facilities, adjustable height poles and some have user replaceable graphics. These Roller Banners will always have the longest guarantee period.

    Here at Signs & Print we only use stay flat light block roller banner material for our graphic panels on our entire range from our premium budget Raptor to our most high end Diplomat Duo Double Sided Roller Banner.

    Pop up banners

    Roller Banner Stand buying guide Summary

    The age old adage is you only get what you pay for. That’s not always completely true in that some suppliers charge premium prices for inferior materials used to manufacture the graphic panels on high end Roller Banner cassettes so don’t get caught out buying a high price Roller Banner stand with a paper or PVC scrim banner as a graphic that will not last and will curl would be a waste of your money and not promote you or your business.

    For more advise visit or call us on 01376 341164

  • How do your stickers and labels need to be cut?

    When ordering custom printed stickers and labels online there are some basic guidelines to follow to get accurate pricing and to get the end result you require. The sticker size, vinyl material type, lamination choice and the type of cutting you require if any, of the sticker or label are all factored into the price. Determining the shape of a decal is directly related to the look you are trying to achieve. There are three basic types of finishing options when it comes to the cut of your stickers Contour Cut (kiss cut), Die Cut (Through Cut) and Contour & Die Cut.

    Most sign companies that offer digital stickers and labels or cut vinyl decals will usually incur an up-charge depending on the complexity of the cut. So before you order stickers & labels online, take into consideration the type of cut you'll need, to achieve the look you desire.

    Contour Cut or also known as Kiss Cut (This cuts through the vinyl sticker only not the backing paper and is supplied on a roll up to 1600mm wide)

    This is by far the cheapest way to receive your stickers or labels. Contour cut Stickers and labels don't incur any extra charges . This type of cut is the least expensive and very popular for promotional stickers, labels or decals. Contour cut stickers and labels will either be printed on white or clear vinyl with other finishing options available for example gloss or matt lamination.

    Die Cut or also known as Through Cut (This cuts through the vinyl sticker and the backing paper)

    requires more time to process and also wears out the blades and the cutting strip on the machines due to these factors there is a small extra charge for this option. With die cut stickers or labels you get your sticker or label as individual items (not on a roll).

    Contour and Die Cut (This is a combination of the other two type of cutting)

    This type of cutting is extremely popular as it supplies manageable size sticker sheets with multiple stickers or labels per sheet that can be easily peeled off individually and any unused stickers and labels can be stored in an office drawer for future use.

    For more info or to buy your sticker & labels please visit or call our sales team on 01376 341164

  • What material to choose for your PVC Banners

    Banners are an affordable way of spreading your message in a well viewed area, but with different materials and a choice of weights. What’s right for your application?

    PVC – the most common & cheapest material, 95% of printed banners are on standard PVC. it is flexible, waterproof, strong & lightweight material. Mesh – mesh, as the name suggests is a mesh, leaving small holes for air to pass through. approximately 70% surface  it’s ideal for windy areas where a standard PVC banner would act as a sail & rip from its fixings! also used for building wraps on scaffolding etc. On many banner materials you may find something like 440gsm banner material but what does this actually mean? Well, the 440gsm part refers to the weight: 440gsm = 440 grammes per square metre Grammes per square metre (GSM) is the standard way in which the quality of a material is measured.

    We currently print on 440gsm, 550gsm and 750gsm solid banner materials, we also print on a 270gsm mesh. Below is a brief run-down of these materials: 440gsm banner materials the standard and most commonly used material used for 90% of the banners printed today. This is suitable for a multitude of purposes and the most simple solution to a banner requirement.

    Our 550gsm banner material is a little thicker and if you are looking to keep your banner for multiple uses, this would be a good choice.

    Our 750gsm banner material has been developed specifically for double-sided use with a light-stop material in between. This prevents any show-through from the other side so is the perfect solution for double-sided banners. although it can actually be used single-sided as well this banner material is so strong we do not hem the 700gsm banner as standard but can at special request.

    Our 270gsm Mesh PVC material is ideal for areas where a standard banner could be easily damaged by wind. The mesh banner material is porous which allows wind to pass through creating less stress on the banner itself. The mesh also allows a certain amount of light through so that when used on buildings, windows are not left completely darkened.

    All of our Banners are supplied with a choice of finishing including Hems and Eyelets at no extra cost we can also add pole pockets if required to allow for each pole pocket please use the formula below:-

    pole diameter x 2.5 + 30mm = (add this to each side of the banner you require a pole pocket)

    For more info or to buy your sticker & labels please visit or call our sales team on 01376 341164


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