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PVC Banners

  • PVC banners: the perfect tools for seasonal promotions

    valentines day PVC banner

    The nights are getting colder, and it’s clear that winter is only just around the corner. But while many of us will still be mourning the loss of summer, the savvier business owners amongst you will be turning your attention to your seasonal marketing campaigns – and, more specifically, the merchandise you’re going to be using to spread the word about your upcoming promotions! 

    At this time of year, we get tonnes of enquiries from customers who want to use PVC banners to advertise seasonal events and special offers. Durable, versatile and available in a wide range of sizes, these popular banners are a fantastic option for any company or venue that wants to reach the widest possible audience in locations with high footfall. They’re surprisingly affordable, too. 

    If you’re wondering how you could use PVC banners to your advantage this autumn and winter, read on for some well-timed ideas and inspiration.


    Fireworks PVC Banner printing

    Draw visitors to your next firework display

    “Remember, remember, the 5th of November,” goes the chant. Well, your potential visitors certainly will once you’ve invested in large, eye-catching PVC banners that are emblazoned with the details of your event! 

    They’re designed to get as many eyes on your message as possible, which is why these kinds of banners are frequently used to advertise Guy Fawkes nights up and down the UK. You’ll often see custom printed PVC and mesh banners lining motorways to attract interest from passers-by. They can also be used to signpost firework-lovers to designated viewing areas in parks, fields and gardens.


    Halloween PVC Banner Printers

    Go all out this Halloween

    Why stick to standard, off-the-shelf banners when you could design your own with our help? If you’re planning a large-scale Halloween party, you could use custom printed PVC banners to add a spooky touch to your venue (and reassure your guests that they’ve arrived at the right place!). 

    Our 550gsm blackout PVC banners are designed to minimise show-through, making them a great choice for those who want to create a purposefully dark and dingy atmosphere at their venue. 


    Black Friday Sale PVC Banner

    Showcase your Black Friday and Cyber Monday deals

    November 29th and December 2nd are two dates that are bound to be highlighted in any retailer’s diary. Black Friday and Cyber Monday are now only weeks away, so it’s time to start thinking about how you’re going to attract attention from all those bargain-hunting shoppers during this notoriously hectic period.  

    Advertising tends to ramp up for Black Friday at the start of November, so it’s important to place your banner order now to avoid disappointment. If you need to keep costs low, consider investing in our 440gsm economy PVC banners, which are fade resistant and available in a wide range of finishing options to allow you to get as creative as you like with your seasonal advertising.


    Christmas Dinner PVC Banner Printers

    Adorn your restaurant or bar in bespoke Christmas messaging

    Is it too early to mention the ‘C’ word? We don’t think so – because before you know it, you’ll be booking in Christmas parties and taking Christmas orders! It’s a vital time of year for your restaurant, bar or nightclub, so make sure you’re showcasing your festive deals to as many people as possible with custom printed PVC banners that are strategically placed in areas of interest to your potential patrons.


    How to order PVC banners from Signs & Print

    You can order your PVC banners directly from each product page, and upload your preferred artwork via our website too, if you don’t have in-house design staff, or are struggling to find the time to come up with something let our graphic designers come up with a design for you. But if you need more information on any of these materials, or you’d like to discuss bespoke sizes or finishes with a member of our team, don’t hesitate to contact us. We’re always happy to help!

  • Have you tapped in to the benefits of stowaway pop up banners?

    Have you tapped in to the benefits of stowaway pop up banners?

    Our banners are definitely some of our most enduring products here at Signs & Print. 

    Our high quality roller banners are particularly popular amongst companies who want to make a great impression at trade fairs and exhibitions, while our PVC banners are considered a great option for businesses that want to achieve high visibility in areas with lots of footfall or traffic. Strong, bright and fully customisable, banners are still important (and cost-effective) marketing assets for all kinds of organisations.

    The only downside to using traditional PVC banners is that where there is nowhere to fix the banner an additional free standing banner A Frame would be required, which is more suited to a longer advertising campaign as it is more heavy duty but makes it more difficult to transport from event to event.

    Thankfully our stowaway pop up banners are providing our customers with a flexible, easy-install alternative, with no additional frame required for freestanding – and as a result, they’re flying off the shelves! 

    stowaway pop up bannersWhat are the benefits of using stowaway pop up banners?

    As the name suggests, our stowaway pop up banners can be stashed away while they’re not in use, then set up quickly and easily straight from their carry case. They’re designed to pop straight out of the case itself and bounce into shape immediately, which means you don’t need to spend valuable minutes setting them up (and you don’t need to have any specialist tools to hand, either). 

    Robust and durable, stowaway banners are suitable for use both indoors and outdoors – but on the flip side, thanks to the fact they’re made from knitted polyester, they’re lightweight enough to be carried from place to place by anyone within the company. They truly offer the perfect balance of practicality and durability, and what’s more, they can be customised with your own designs. Advertisers have never enjoyed so much freedom and choice from their banners! 

    The stowaway pop up banners from Signs & Print are provided with a handy carry bag and a set of ground pegs to prevent your signage from being carried away by particularly strong gusts of wind (or unwanted advances from passers-by!). 

    Where are these stowaway pop up banners typically used?

    The beauty of these types of banners is that they can be transported to, and then used, pretty much anywhere. They can even be moved around a space while an event is taking place. 

    Local businesses and sponsors will often use them to advertise their products or services at golf tournaments (hence why you’ll often see these products referred to as ‘golf pop up banners’). They are also a common sight at charity ‘dos, company conferences, festivals, village fairs and other large-scale events that can provide a brilliant platform for companies. As an example, caterers sometimes use them to promote their brand at the events they’re servicing.

    And, of course, there’s nothing to stop keen marketers from displaying stowaway pop up banners at their own premises if they want to reinforce their branding to their staff and customers!  

    Keen to try out these banners for yourself?

    It’s never been easier to order custom-designed stowaway pop up banners online. Our dedicated design team can even help you come up with professional-looking visuals for your product, if you want. Check out with your preferred banner via our website, or feel free to contact our team if you want to discuss your advertising requirements in more detail.

  • Is there a better promotional tool than a PVC banner?

    pvc banner with the message 'does it get any better than this'

    The marketing world may be increasingly using digital techniques to spread the word about a company’s expertise, but here at Signs & Print, we firmly believe there’s still a place for PVC banners in the wider marketplace.

    In fact, we think these popular large format products are some of the most enduring in the advertising industry. Because despite the emergence of complex online technologies, companies are continuing to invest in high quality printed PVC banners to help capture the imagination of local audiences and grab a little more market share from their direct competitors.

    Here, we’ve listed three strong reasons why we think the humble PVC banner is one of the most important – and perhaps underrated! – promotional tools out there.

    #1: PVC banners can be used to communicate pretty much any message.

    These sizeable, eye-catching PVC banners will certainly not be missed when they’re hung in high footfall areas.

    In our experience, these kinds of banners have three main applications:

    To promote your products or services.

    Your PVC banner can be customised to display your latest offer. Or, if you’re launching something different to the masses, it can also be used to introduce something new to your audience. Whatever you want to shout about, you can rely on a PVC banner to do a lot of the hard work for you!

    To signpost guests to an event.

    When placed outside a venue, these head-turning banners can be used to point guests in the direction of the ticket stalls or the entrance. They are also a great choice for event organisers who need to manage and direct the flow of traffic during a particularly busy event, such as a trade show or sports game.

    To reinforce a brand.

    When installed in a high visibility area – such as on a roundabout or a main road – PVC banners can help to instil your brand message into the minds of passers-by.

    #2: They’re incredibly hardy.

    When you invest in a PVC banner, you can expect to receive a product that’s designed to go the distance.

    Made from anti-tear materials and boasting extra-secure eyelets, these signs are strong enough to withstand prolonged use. The exceptional quality UV-based inks that are used in the printing process will also ensure that the graphics will not lose their quality or vibrancy due to sunlight and adverse weather conditions. And on top of this, PVC material is more flexible than many of its alternatives because it can be taken down and reinstalled in as many different places as you like without losing its edge.

    Put simply, you’ll be hard pushed to find a more durable promotional tool!

    #3: They’re more cost-effective than you might think.

    Thanks to the fact that printing technologies have come on in leaps and bounds in the last few years, PVC banners are some of the most cost-efficient advertising options out there.

    Nowadays, creating a custom-printed PVC banner is almost as cheap as creating a traditional banner. And unlike billboards and other forms of static advertising, PVC banners can be used as many times as you like in multiple locations, resulting in a cost per use that can’t be beaten.

    Want to discuss the many benefits of PVC banners in more detail? Contact the team here at Signs & Print. We’ll happily talk you through the features of the various products we offer – including our cheap 440gsm banners, our economy 550gsm banners, our blockout 750gsm banners, and our robust mesh banners.

    And if you need us to, we’ll help you come up with a banner design that perfectly suits your business needs.

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