Greeting Cards

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Greeting Cards 

In business terms, greeting cards are a great way to communicate to customers, suppliers and staff en masse. 

They are commonly used as corporate Christmas cards, but our high quality greeting cards also offer a simple and effective way of announcing company news or simply sending a gesture of goodwill out to your stakeholders and supporters. 

Many companies may be tempted to send out emails or large-scale mailshots in place of traditional greeting cards. But though much of today’s business activity is shifting online, emails can appear cold and emotionless. They are easily ignored, and easily deleted, but a card has a physical presence that serves as a constant reminder of your well-wishes. 

Why choose our personalised cards?

Here at Signs & Print, we know that there’s still a special place in your customers’ hearts for traditional greeting cards. There’s nothing quite like receiving a quality, custom-printed greeting card in the post; it’s bound to make the recipient feel valued. 

And, of course, printed greeting cards are not just for clients, co-workers, club members or societies. Friends and family will really appreciate the thought that’s gone into these bespoke cards. Perhaps you need to send out dozens, if not hundreds, of invitations all at once. Maybe you’re looking to send out thank-you cards to all of your wedding guests after the big day. Whatever your requirements, our quality personalised greeting cards will make communicating with your loved ones a breeze. 

You can keep things simple by adding a straightforward message to the card, or use photos and other graphics to create a snazzy, personalised template – the choice is yours. 

What to expect from our printed greeting cards

The greeting cards from Signs & Print are available in A6, A5, or a trendy 148mm x 148mm square shape. All of our greeting cards are printed in full colour on a high quality 400gsm silk artboard, which is supplied flat and has been professionally creased. 

If your order exceeds 125, you can add high gloss laminate to your materials to add an extra luxurious feel to each card. You’ll also receive matching envelopes. 

Click on each of the product pages here to learn more about our great selection of personalised greeting cards. You’ll find that our UK-based greeting card printing services are extremely affordable, even if you wish to buy cards in large quantities. 

If you’re not sure which card best meets your needs, or you have any questions relating to our printing service, all you need to do is call our friendly team directly for specialist advice.