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NCR Carbonless Paper

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3 Item(s)


NCR Carbonless Paper

No Carbon Required (NCR) paper – otherwise known as carbonless paper – is a coated material that offers excellent opacity and retains ink well. It’s most commonly used in the production of order books, invoicing pads and other business stationary that requires the writer to create duplicate copies of receipts for multiple parties; the design of an NCR pad allows one copy to be ripped out for the customer to keep, one copy for the supplier, and other copies for anyone else involved in the delivery of the product or service.

Decades ago, the only way to produce duplicated forms, such as those found within invoice and order pads, was to use blue carbon paper. It did the job, but because it was made up of pigmented coating bound with wax, it required a notoriously messy production process.

Thankfully, the NCR Corporation pioneered a much easier and more efficient way to develop staple business stationery back in the 1950s – and nowadays, our customers can choose to invest in multi-coloured carbonless paper instead of the old fashioned blue carbon paper that was often seen lining the desks of 19th and 20th century businesses. What’s more, we have the capabilities to customise our NCR books, pads and sets to meet your exact requirements, leaving you with carbonless paper stationary that looks and feels thoroughly professional (and will leave a great impression on your customers, suppliers and business contacts).

Custom Printed NCR Sets

To create our customised NCR sets, pads or books we reproduce your branded text or graphics from the very top page through to the last sheet in the pad or book. The content is marked into all of the pages simultaneously, from the top-down, using micro-encapsulated dye.

NCR products can be printed in full colour using CMYK inks, which means we can personalise them with your own bespoke logo and other illustrations. Our carbonless paper products can be printed in line with the rest of your business stationery to create a consistent aesthetic across all of your internal and external marketing materials. If you already have branded artwork to hand, simply send it on to our team for inclusion in the template; if you need extra help putting together graphics for your new NCR sets, we would be happy to develop a custom design for you (for a small additional fee).

All products are glued from the top as standard, and we include a loose writing shield in each of our NCR pads and books to prevent bleed-through.

Browse our range of NCR sets, pads and books for more information on these products, or contact the team at Signs & Print to discuss your requirements in more detail.