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6 Item(s)



Printed posters provide you with a tried-and-tested way to deliver your message to the masses. Though they’re perhaps considered more old school than some of today’s other popular promotional techniques, large format posters are going nowhere soon - they’re still one of the most enduring ways of bringing your product or service to a market that’s more competitive than ever before.  

They’re simple, they’re highly effective, and they’re much more affordable than you might think. 

Printed in full colour with the latest UV cured, fade-resistant ink, our posters deliver beautiful, long-lasting prints that will stay looking fresh for months, and often years, to come. These printed billboard posters are also waterproof, making them weather resistant and suitable for use in any indoor or outdoor location. We offer a range of options for marketers, but whichever large format poster you choose, one thing’s for sure – you’ll benefit from a striking, photo-realistic digital finish that will astound your audience and work wonders for your company’s brand image.  

Different uses for large format posters

The best thing about our large format printed posters is that they can be installed practically anywhere for immediate promotional reach. From bus stops to billboards, store windows to communal office buildings, posters are perhaps one of the most versatile forms of printed advertising out there. 

We offer three main types of large format posters: blueback posters, satin posters and Polypro posters. The first option is the kind of product you’ll normally see plastered across large billboards in busy areas; graphics are printed on quality 115gsm paper and can be applied to any flat surface with heavy duty wallpaper paste. They’re available in a huge variety of sizes, all the way up to 96 sheets, and the paper quality is such that it prevents show-through from any images underneath. Our satin posters are more suited to use in retail snap frames, pavement signs and in shops and window displays, although they can be used outdoors for a short time only. 

If you’re looking for a premium product, our waterproof, non-tear Polypro posters certainly look the part. They are perfect if you’re planning to make your graphics pop with a backlight, too. 

The individual products pages here should tell you everything you need to know about our large format printed posters. But if you have any questions regarding these items, or you want to speak to us about any aspect of your order, remember that the team at Signs & Print are only a phone call away and always happy to chat.