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Spares & Accessories

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9 Item(s)


Spares and Accessories

Signs are designed to be stylish – but they need to be practical, too. 

Signs & Print stocks everything you need to keep your signs performing at their best. We’ve got all kinds of sign accessories and spares, including A frames, fixings and pens, to help you get the most from your custom signage. 

Browse our comprehensive range of signage accessories

If it’s been proudly displaying your marketing materials for some time now, it’s likely that your sign may need a little TLC. Perhaps its fixings have seen better days, or its carry case has become tired and worn as you’ve carried it between various exhibitions and trade shows for months (or years!). Maybe you need to invest in a new base to keep your sign safe and secure, or you simply need to pick up some new pens so you can add some fresh messages to your marketing tool. Whatever you need, you’re bound to find the sign accessory you’re looking for within our collection. 

Our cable ties for banners are in particularly high demand. They are some of the most common fixings for this type of signage and will provide you with a cost-efficient way of securing your indoor PVC banner. Once they have seen better days, these cable ties can be disposed of and replaced quickly. However, if you are searching for a more robust way to keep your outdoor signs in place, we would recommend our elastic bungee cord ball ties, which have more ‘give’ in them and place considerably less stress on the banner’s eyelets during movement. It’s especially important to use cord ball ties in place of traditional cable ties if your banner is likely to endure light to medium winds. 

And if you’d prefer a more modern, eye-catching design to complement your outdoor events, our banner A-frame may offer the perfect solution. This free standing frame is available in a wide range of sizes and can be printed on one or two sides depending on your marketing requirements.

We’re certain you’ll find all of the essentials here. But if for any reason you can’t find the sign accessories you’re looking for, our team are only a phone call away!